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Ingrown Toenails Specialist

Amit Shah DPM

Podiatrists & Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons located in North Brunswick, Edison, & Cranbury, NJ

An ingrown toenail is a common condition that can lead to severe pain and even infection. At Amit Shah DPM in North Brunswick, Edison, and Cranbury, New Jersey, Drs. Shah and Armanious, DPM, offer safe and effective in-office treatment for ingrown toenails. To speak with a doctor about your ingrown toenail, call or schedule your appointment online today.

Ingrown Toenails Q&A

What is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a nail that grows into the soft flesh surrounding the toenail. As the nail continues to grow, it eventually breaks through the skin causing pain and discomfort. 

Ingrown toenails most commonly affect the big toe and are especially hazardous to patients with diabetes and other conditions that limit blood flow to the feet. 

What causes an ingrown toenail?

There are many issues that can contribute to ingrown toenails, including ill-fitting shoes that crowd the toes.

Injuries to your toenail or cutting our toenails too short can also result in ingrown toenails. People with abnormally curved toenails are also at a higher risk of developing ingrown toenails. 

What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails can cause severe discomfort that makes it difficult to walk normally. Symptoms include pain and tenderness along one or both sides of your toenail, redness, and swelling. 

Some patients experience an infection with the soft tissue around the toenail. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the underlying bone leading to a serious bone infection. 

Patients with diabetes and conditions that restrict blood flow to the feet are especially at risk for complications from ingrown toenails. The lack of blood flow increases the risk of infection and decreases the body’s ability to heal, resulting in open sores or gangrene. 

If you have diabetes and experience an ingrown toenail, book an appointment at Amit Shah DPM to discuss prompt, effective treatment. 

How are ingrown toenails treated?

At Amit Shah DPM, the team uses a simple and effective procedure to permanently treat ingrown toenails. 

Your doctor removes the ingrown portion of your toenail along with the underlying tissue to prevent it from growing back. The procedure is typically performed with local anesthesia to minimize any pain or discomfort.

Your doctor may also discuss ways to protect the rest of your toes from ingrown toenails. Simple changes like properly trimming your nails, wearing protective footwear, and wearing shoes that fit correctly can help you prevent painful ingrown toenails. 

If you’re suffering from an ingrown toenail, book an appointment at Amit Shah DPM by phone or online today.