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Flat Feet Specialist

Amit Shah DPM

Podiatrists & Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons located in North Brunswick, Edison, & Cranbury, NJ

At least 18 million Americans currently suffer from flat feet. Often, flat feet can cause pain and swelling, making it a serious problem that requires professional intervention. At Amit Shah DPM in North Brunswick, Edison, and Cranbury, New Jersey, Drs. Shah and Armanious, DPM, can treat your flat feet with custom orthotics made especially for your needs. Get flat feet relief now by calling the office nearest you or clicking the online scheduler.

Flat Feet Q&A

What is flat feet?

If you have flat feet, you lack a foot arch. All babies have flat feet and most develop foot arches as they start to walk during toddlerhood. 

Many kids have flexible flatfoot, in which you can see foot arches when they’re sitting down or standing on their toes but there’s no arch when they’re standing. Sometimes, children never develop foot arches. 

Some adults have foot arches but over time lose them. Usually, flat feet isn’t a major issue because in most cases it’s painless. But, if you’re experiencing foot problems due to flat feet or if you simply want to develop a normal arch, there are treatments that can help. 

What causes flat feet?

In children, flat feet typically means that the child's tendons never tightened properly to create the foot arches. In adults, flat feet is often related to tendon damage. This tendon damage could be caused by:

  • Strain from excess weight or obesity
  • Chronic disease like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes
  • Foot or ankle injury
  • Wear-and-tear related to aging

You can also inherit flat feet from your parents in some cases.

Do I need treatment for flat feet?

If you have flat feet, it's best to schedule an appointment at Amit Shah DPM so the experienced foot doctors can evaluate your feet and determine whether you have problems requiring attention. This is especially important if you’re experiencing foot, ankle, or leg pain that might be related to your flat feet.

How can I develop foot arches?

The Amit Shah DPM team offers several tailored solutions, including custom orthotics. Orthotics fit your shoes to comfortably support your feet in the ideal way while gently coaxing arch development. Your podiatric specialists may also recommend special foot arch exercises. 

If you’re suffering from serious pain related to flat feet, the team may prescribe pain relief solutions like ice packs, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications. 

It’s rare to need surgery for flat feet, but in the event that your flat feet are painful and don’t respond to orthotics and other mild treatments, the podiatric surgeons at Amit Shah DPM can design a surgical treatment plan to create an arch and stop your pain.

Book a flat feet assessment at Amit Shah DPM by calling the office nearest you or scheduling online today.